Fudge Assortment

Fudge Assortment Pack (3 x200g bags)


The selection pack consists of 3 x 200g bags of fudge, presented in a transparent bag with tag and ribbon. Please choose your own flavours from the drop down lists below.

Price includes Postage and Packing.

Recommended shelf life is up to 3 months from purchase. Store in an airtight container.

May contain trace of nuts. Allergens:

Clotted Cream (Milk)

Strawberry ( Milk)

Rum & Raisin (Milk)

Chocolate (Milk)

Sea Salt Caramel (Milk)

Lemon Meringue (Milk, Soya, Egg)

Scottish Butter Tablet (Milk)

Flaked Coconut (Milk, Soya)

Marmite (Milk, Soya)

Chocolate Marzipan (Milk, Almonds, Soya)

Coconut Ice (Soya)

Vegan Vanilla (Almonds, Soya)

Cherry Bakewell (Almond, Soya)


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