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Fudge Subscription

Looking for an edible gift that keeps on giving, a fudge subscription is the perfect gift

Does someone you know have a sweet tooth? Would they love to try a range of different flavours, from clotted cream fudge to chilli chocolate fudge? Are you looking to buy them a present but unwilling to resort to the somewhat clichéd box of chocolates? If so, our Fudge Subscription is the perfect edible gift.

Perfect for any special occasion, by purchasing this gift for a friend or loved one, whether your fudge subscription is 3 months, 6 months or 12 months, they will enjoy a pack of gift boxed fudge being delivered to their door once each month for the chosen period.

Over the months the recipient will get to sample our many different fudge varieties. Rather than giving somebody a great deal of fudge in one go, which will not always be fully appreciated, especially at Christmas, when edible gifts are hardly in short supply, by giving someone a Fudge Subscription, not only will your edible gift last a whole year, but the arrival of the gift boxed fudge will be eagerly anticipated every month!

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