• Fudge Subscription – 3 Months

  • Fudge Subscription – 12 Months

  • Fudge Subscription – 6 Months


A Fudge Subscription – The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Do you or does someone you know have a bit of a sweet tooth? Would they love to try a range of different flavours, from traditional clotted cream to the adventurous chilli chocolate? Do you want to buy them a gift that lasts longer and is much more exciting than a box of chocolates? If so, our Fudge Subscription Box is a great option for an unusual edible gift.

Whether it’s for a friend, loved one or just as a little something for yourself, a Fudge Subscription Box is a perfect gift for any occasion. Lasting 3, 6 or 12 months, our perfectly packaged, luxurious fudge made in the heart of the New Forest will arrive at your door once a month.

You have the option to choose the flavour for each box, or you can leave it to us to surprise you. Whether you’re after the tried and tested flavours we all love or something a little bit different; from our ever-changing Flavour of the Month to our vegan range, there’s a Fudge Subscription Box for everyone.

We’re often overwhelmed with sweet food and edible gifts at birthdays and Christmases. At Burley Fudge we understand that a great deal of fudge in one go might not always be appreciated. By giving someone a Fudge Subscription, not only will they get to sample lots of different flavours, but the gift lasts a whole year, and importantly, no one will be left feeling unwell after eating 12 months’ worth in one go (we’ve all done it). We’re not sure if it’s more exciting to eagerly await its arrival, or to forget all about it until it arrives at the door.

Which flavour will you start with? Sign up to our Fudge Subscription Box in store or online today.