Have you ever tried frozen fudge?


As the temperature is rising we’re all starting to crave an ice cold sweet treat, such as ice cream. But for all those fudge lovers out there the perfect sweet treat in the summer is frozen fudge! 

Now, we can hear the cogs turning in your brains at the thought of frozen fudge. When you think of fudge you normally think of a decadent, creamy combination served at room temperature but recently thought  “what would happen to fudge if we froze it” – so we did! And then wondered why we hadn’t done it before. 

When placed in the freezer fudge doesn’t go rock hard, it preserves in a state that is fairly soft in texture, not hard like an ice cube, ready to eat straight from the freezer. Without the need to defrost and still encompassing its rich, moreish flavour. 

Top tips for freezing fudge


The process of freezing fudge is very simple, just follow our 3 top tips:

  1. Our fudge is always cut into bite size pieces for our customers, we recommend it in an airtight container, separated or wrapped in greaseproof so that it doesn’t stick together, wouldn’t want to eat too much in one sitting.
  2. Keep in the freezer for up to a year, ours normally lasts overnight 🙂 !
  3. When you are ready to eat your frozen fudge remove it from the freezer, either one piece or the whole lot (depending on your self control), start nibbling and enjoy. 

At Burley Fudge we pride ourselves in providing our customers with the best experience of fudge they can have and after discovering this sweet summer treat we couldn’t resist sharing it with you, so fudge can satisfy your cravings no matter the temperature.

Fudge Experiments?


We are always experimenting with our fudge flavours, combinations and different uses/ ways to eat it. Our favourite frozen fudge is Sea Salt Caramel, we’d love to know what your favourite is?

One of our customers uses fudge to flavour his Vodka, now there’s a thought! and our head fudge chef has been known to sweeten his coffee with some Clotted Cream Fudge.




Chris Tabb

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Hi, I'm Chris, proprietor of Burley Fudge. I have been making fudge with my wife Jenny and running Burley Fudge Shop since 1998. We have two fantastic children Charley & Harry and a Basset Hound called Betty!. We've lived in and around The New Forest for 30 years. In my spare time I love to go walking, running and cycling in and around the local area, and while away a few hours in the garden.